docuHive is easy to use and affordable

Document Management System for the Enterprises. It is a cloud based solution which enables the application to be accessed from any device that can connect to the web, anywhere in the world.

Central Repository

docuHive is a multi-tiered application which is deployed on a central server and can be accessed from a web browser. The application provides facility to maintain and manage multiple versions of documents.

  • Maintains documents in a central repository
  • Cloud based system
  • Documents can be accessed and Managed Remotely
  • Access through thin clients
Scan and Upload

This feature allows paper documents to be uploaded to the central repository by scanning the documents. This scanned documents can be uploaded with or without Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

  • Convert paper documents into searchable electronic documents
  • OCR Scanning for searching

Security Permissions

Documents are uploaded into folders which have fully customizable security controls associated with them. Only personnel with appropriate privileges will have access to documents within each folder.

  • Easy sign up for User Accounts
  • User Access by authentication and authorisation
  • Permissions and Approval levels based on Groups and Roles

This feature will help to understand the types of documents that are being uploaded to the repository.

  • Able to create Metadata field dynamically
  • Can be used for creating customised reports


This feature will help the users to locate the documents seamlessly through either simple or advanced search options.

  • Pattern based search
  • Advanced Search options on Metadata, contents

Any number of user accounts can be created which will enable the stakeholders within the company to access and collaborate effectively.


Ensures that the latest approved or uploaded versions of all documents are available at a central repository which can be accessed by diverse enterprise teams across all locations. In addition, the older revisions of documents are added to the document history automatically.

  • View the history of a document through the different revisions
  • View the difference between versions
  • Check-in/Check-out facility

docuHive enables team members working at different locations to simultaneously review and approve documents. This streamlines the process of document approval cycle, there by minimizing delays in the overall documentation process.

  • Cloud based system, accessible easily and Collaborate on documents remotely
  • Workflow based collaboration on documents
  • Reviewing/approving documents and Accessible with the login credentials

Can annotate the documents within the application without the need for any additional software.

  • Be able to annotate documents. The annotation would not be as part of document content.
  • Useful to communicate with other users about the document conten
Review Automation

docuHive is a work-flow based system. A document, from its creation, flows through a workflow, and the authorized personnel in an organization hierarchy can review the document at the different stages in the workflow and approve or reject the document.

  • Workflow based review
  • Automatic notifications

Ensures the teams across enterprise are aware of new documents in the repository either to review or get acquainted with. This allows seamless flow of document details across the enterprise. Thus improving the efficacy of the teams in disseminating the information quicker.

  • Be notified of changes to documents or folders
  • Users can set their own alerts on activities they want to track
  • Set email frequency to be notified immediately or get a daily or weekly digest
  • Administrators can set system alerts for various server side activities
  • Workflow email alert notifies users about new workflow tasks or changes made to current tasks

Offers decision makers fast and simple access to reports and analysis. Also, standardizes report format and automates the reporting process to minimize or eliminate human effort and errors.

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